Location And Hosted Events

 Argyll Subscription Rooms

The Argyll Subscription Rooms were a beautiful place to host private events and parties of the elites. The ambience complimented the sheer aura of upclass and sophistication. But it was later revealed that the rooms were secretly used by prostitutes and their elite customers.

New Queen’s Theatre

Farces and burlettas that were hosted there were beginning to garner fame before the theatre ran into legal problems for alleged hostings and they switched back to Cook’s Royal Circus. The circus though a hit among the locals was a repetitive event and lost its audience rapidly before being declared closed.

Entertainment Centers

Brother Crush – it’s made in USA but coming to UK pretty soon. It’s adults entertainment and it features step family relations where two gay brothers are living under one roof. Developing their secret crush might be revealed by other people and stir quite the scandal…

Model TimeModel Time – promoting the independence in adult productions. This brand new place for models is a special one. Why you might ask? Mostly because it’s models who plan, direct and execute all the episode presented there. No crew, no silly prewritten scripts. Just an exhibition of skills.

Bratty MILF

Bratty MILF – what possibly could be a better entertainment than a classy MILF action? Years of experience are not lost in case of these moms, that’s for sure. Watch them hunt for young guys with focus like never before. After all they are bratty and spoiled!

Lez Cuties

Lez Cuties – when it comes to European lesbian content you can’t pick better than this series. Smoking hot lesbian teens from Europe engaging in their first tryouts at making out with another girl. Sensual, slow-paced action? Not always, see yourself!

 Southbank Center

Known for its remarkable architecture depicting the styles of 50’s and 60’s, south bank center takes account of the glorious art and culture of London.Comprising of Royal Festival HallQueen Elizabeth HallSaison Poetry Library and Hayward Gallery

Barbican Center

The wondrous venue, although voted the ugliest one in London, is best for offering the diverse variety of culture. London Symphony Orchestra along with the vast Barbican Hall hosting international stars of jazz, classical and rock music were the main attraction of the center.

The O2 Arena

O2 Arena is the heart of the redeveloped Millennium Dome, which was purposely built for hosting musical events. The result of the reformation of the previous debacle is a captivating and soulful venue that has seen the biggies of modern and classical world of music.

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