The London Trocadero was a grand center of leisure, shopping and entertainment located in the heart of the West end. Being opened centuries ago in 1700’s, the place has come a long way and have garnered a reputation of constantly changing with time. It has now become a landmark famous for providing the best entertaining activities and hosting cultural events regularly. Sadly after its demise in 2014 and plans for reformation into a hotel, we have been reduced to being a blog portal that informs you about the similar places you can visit. London Trocadero is made up of a team of travelling enthusiasts who believe in quality travel and completely satisfying and entertaining trips.

Our Heritage

There are few places left in world which have preserved the century’s old culture and traditions perfectly as they were. Over time, with globalization and modernizing, our values and ethnicity are mixing together and it is hard to see difference between places. So it is necessary to safeguard the architecture, culture and ethos that were our ancestral gifts.

London is among the top places in world where one can see the ancestral way of life intact as it was and we at London Trocadero guide you through the authentic spots and places to go through during your trips.

Our Mission

London Trocadero have an earnestly devoted team of travel enthusiasts and history admirers who in past have presented the numerous ways of entertainment for people all around the world. From hosting events to developing arcade centers and theme parks, London Trocadero has constantly provided ways to relax and enjoy and have a fun time.

Now that the London Trocadero is officially closed, we have dedicated ourselves to provide you with all the information regarding the places you can visit in London. From a list of the shopping centers where you can buy all the high end fashion styles, punk stuff, textile and kids utilities to having a leisure time in the best entertainment centers of London. In our blog portal we have written about the places you can visit to have the similar experience that London Trocadero would have offered you.

Our Vision

We envision a London where everyone could have a blast on their unwinding excursion without much ado or nuisance and could have all the information about various tourist places at the tip of their hands.

The Future

We have created this blog portal at London Trocadero to provide all the information about everything in London you can visit to have entertaining time.With a list of top entertainment centers, shopping centers, art exhibitions and upcoming events we hope that everyone would find what they are looking for to spend a relaxing evening.

We have also uploaded articles about places similar to London Trocadero that you can visit and what they hold for you.