Full extent of London could sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you are on a short holiday and don’t have much time to munch on what places to visit.

So to help you plan your travels with maximum consequence here is a compiled list of the best entertainment centers in London. Some of the top tourist attractions like London Trocadero were redeveloped and reformed several times and are over and done. But a few other entertainment complexes are catching eyes in the vicinity.

To check all the Entertainment Centers of London see this.

1. Southbank Center

Southbank Centre is a complex of artistic venues in London.

Known for its remarkable architecture depicting the styles of 50’s and 60’s, south bank center takes account of the glorious art and culture of London. Comprising of Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Saison Poetry Library, Hayward Gallery and Purcell Room the entertainment complex hosts world famous exhibitions, western and classical music events and concerts. The famous London Jazz Festival was annually hosted in the Southbank. Inclusion of the Tate Modern and London eye buildings adjacent to the center has made it a perfect spot to amass the diverse British culture of centuries.

2. Barbican Center

The Barbican Centre is a performing arts centre in the City of London.

The wondrous venue, although voted the ugliest one in London, is best for offering the diverse variety of culture. London Symphony Orchestra along with the vast Barbican Hall hosting international stars of jazz, classical and rock music were the main attraction of the center. The Curve Gallery and Barbican Art Gallery has societies’ most elite keen on attending the hosted exhibitions. The building in itself offers an adventure in the form of manoeuvring the labyrinth that it is. Along with theatrics and jazz concerts for the aged, a host of singing, talks and children’s events could all be found in this center.

3.  Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House is a place of learning, entertainment and inspiration.

Famous for hosting Royal Opera and the Royal Ballet, the massive structure in the middle of Covent Garden has hardly left to host a star of classical music world. After its redevelopment in 90’s it has been the most modernist architecture in all of Europe. Even if the opera and ballet are os no interest to you, the spectacular venue is a must to explore for every admirer of the architecture.

4. The O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena.

O2 Arena is the heart of the redeveloped Millennium Dome, which was purposely built for hosting musical events. The result of the reformation of the previous debacle is a captivating and soulful venue that has seen the biggies of modern and classical world of music.

5. Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Brand new seating in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, one of London’s oldest theatres

Lastly this historical building that has been redeveloped again and again over the times has a grand outcome on the overall construction. Comprising some of the ancient elements with its modern reformations the monument has a grandness that is unmatched in all of Europe. From the its high hung chandeliers to the grand stairwells and panels and statuary give its a perfect theatrical ambience that has drawn attention of almost every artist from centuries.