The Argyll Subscription Rooms – 1849

The London Trocadero was an entertainment complex located on Coventry Street in London bordering between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

The back entrance of the complex opens to Shaftesbury Avenue. Formerly London Pavilion was included in the original London Trocadero but was excluded since the Troc’s reformation in 1984. The entertainment center was one of the top tourist attractions in London.

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1.     History and Location Development

Trocadero dates back to early 19th century when it consisted of only a Tennis Room and some vaults which were used for various entertainments including exhibition, theatre, circus etc.

The New Private Subscription theatre, which was renamed a few times, was known for organizing the Cook’s Royal Circus. The theatre was later converted into a Music hall which came to be known as the Trocadero’s Palace of Varieties and has garnered many positive reviews before being converted into the famous Trocadero Restaurant in 1896.

2. Trocadero’s Theatrics Journey

New Queen’s Theatre

Cook’s Royal circus was a famous pastime being hosted in The New Private Subscription Theatre before it was renamed after a year to Royal Albion Theatre and the events changed to much more cultural and private genres.

Now the dramas, common farces and burlettas that were hosted there were beginning to garner fame before the theatre ran into legal problems for alleged hostings and they switched back to Cook’s Royal Circus. The circus though a hit among the locals was a repetitive event and lost its audience rapidly before being declared closed.

3.  Argyll Subscription Rooms

Argyll Rooms

The Argyll Subscription Rooms were a beautiful place to host private events and parties of the elites. The ambience complimented the sheer aura of upclass and sophistication. But it was later revealed that the rooms were secretly used by prostitutes and their elite customers. The rooms were still a constant for several years before the place was turned into a Music Hall for hostuing cultural music events and festivals.

4. Palace Of Varieties

The Music Hall and Theatre

Trocadero’s Music hall was known as the Royal Trocadero Palace of Varieties. The place was transformed into a charismatic hall with accommodations of about 600 people. After its finishing there was not a single trace left of the Argyll rooms. The place had hosted several famous artists of that time before being in the news for recruiting Charles Coburn who played his infamous ‘Two Lovely Black Eyes’ quite a few times. The hall saw its peak years when the owners decided to host cultural figures of art world like Sam Adams, who took over after Robert Bignell’s demise. Arthur Llyod, Vesta Tilley, Albert Chevalier, G. W. Hunter and Martha Llyod are some of the famous musicians to have performed in Palace of Varieties. Trocadero Music Hall renamed to Eden Theatre in its ending years before being closed for financial reasons.

5. Segaworld and Arcade Events

Funland and Trampoline

Segaworld was a theme park which was introduced in late 90’s in the Troc’s venue. Solely developed for hosting rides and other fun relaxations, the park failed to meet the demand and was later turned into an arcade center called Funland. The area was adjacent to Planet Bollywood which has hosted a number of stars and alternate universe sets for public to visit. These developments left a lot of free space in the center of London Trocadero which was later used for hosting various art exhibitions and local music festivals.

6. Ending Days Of London Trocadero

The London Trocadero has a fine run in the end. It has hosted quite a few different events but nothing was constant even after a casino and bowling alley was added with the meal areas and shops like Rainforest Café, Planet Hollywood, Madam Tussaud’s Rock Circus and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Later the Trocadero Hall was arranged for takedown and reconstruction into a hotel with 495 beds.

This plan was first proposed in 2010 before being dropped and repurposed in 2014 as a affordable hotel.