Looking for a way to de-stress with a bunch of your mates while maybe watching a game or discussing the monotonous work life?

Here is a list of few craft beer bars in London that will give you a number of reasons to make them a regular hangout spot.

6. The Relaxed Beginning – All Girl Massage

Lesbian Massage Room Parlors

Alright, before we start our little journey we need to have a proper mindset and relaxed body. There will be a lot of walking. We came up with an idea that guys will surely love. A visit to these popular lesbian massage room parlors in London. We can describe the digital one, though – built and launched back in 2012 it features world’s most beautiful actresses from the industry using their skills and charms to seduce female customers. What start as an usual massage session ends up being a full-length lesbian intercourse. Fascinating and making us… relaxed!

5. The Arbitrager

Twelve taps wait to pour out a liquid meal and your worries away!

This one’s not for the weak heart with its wide range of wild flavoured beers and ciders. Each spirit is carefully distilled in London usually with experiments from Weird Beard.

Punch is a favourite with names like Bold Lady being bestsellers. Fitted with stylish tiles, antique gramophones, chic customers considering the nearness of the Bank and intricate Victorian London maps, The Arbitrager has gained a name on the local street.

Twelve taps wait to pour out a liquid meal and your worries away!

4. Holborn Whippet

It’s tiny yet ideal for sampling a cackling variety of beers which make being slightly squished worth it. Nestled around central office locations, this bar will give all the right vibes needed to relax.

With dim lighting and elegant woodwork, it’ll feel like a journey inside a time machine as essence of 1940s will tingle in the atmosphere.

You can order appetizing snacks to marry with the taste of your beer, experimenting till you find your favourite combination.

3. King’s Arms

King’s Arms

One of the best places to visit while bar hopping is this royal looking dig out. Other than their own crafts, there are many rare Belgian brews on offer.

Whether you sip on regular bitter originals or savour the jet-black brew, the darkish ambiance will get you in the right mood for celebration. Even though it’s set in a residential area, many locals love partying here.

The bar plays foot tapping music with live DJs at times and melodies of the customers echo during Karaoke nights.

2. Singer Tavern

Order the bestsellers Zodiak or Omnipollo among others to spike up the energy in your life as the Singer Tavern gives you the much-needed break.

Occupying the lively streets of Shoreditch, the bar boasts of more than hundred beers to pick from with Sierra Nevada being one of the hits.

The building was once the headquarters of Singer sewing machines from where the aesthetic of the place infuses in.

1. Cask Pub And Kitchen, Pimlico

Cask Pub And Kitchen, Pimlico

Even though it’s the most inconspicuous waterhole, this pub is astonishingly bright immediately making you feel at bliss.

Let the calming taste of Magic Rock, Blackjack and ten other ales take you on a wild ride around the traditional and modern London.

Beers from US, Europe and around UK are assembled appealingly in glass fridges behind the bar counter.

Relish burgers with every sip as the golden light of the sun basks you in the London glory.

It’s never easy to adult but with a chilled mug of your choice of poison, there’s always a way to make it smoother. Each bar aims to satisfy you so don’t hesitate, step inside, pour and drink away to glory!