For the record, there are 17,000 musical performances held in London yearly.

An array of upcoming music and art festivals in London attests to this digit. What makes this yearly event worth anticipating jibes with a native Londoner’s set of lifestyles partially dictated by the four seasons that the area possess.

Getting Ready

musical and arts festivals

For this summer through fall, a roster of upcoming musical and arts festivals line up. Local and tourists alike brace for wide-range events they can pick based on their appeal, budget and venues they may want to consider visiting.

One would normally grab a blanket to sit or rest on if the event is in a park or open air. Locals hence may consider wearing their willies along the same way. Weather unpredictable in most of the days in the year, wearing one would prevent getting soaked in the rain. In an effort to avoid puddles, consider mud as apparent in open air or park venues. One perhaps might consider a tent if attending a multi-day affair.

World Premiere – Girl Cum

Girl Cum - Coming To London in 2019!

Girl Cum – Coming To London in 2019!

London City is hosting the Girl Cum premiere this year. While this is strictly adults-only online series, the audience it’s getting is astonishing. London decided to host the grand opening event, for the very first time. Girl Cum features world’s best known pornstars featured in multiple orgasms intercourse. While it might sound fake, it’s certainly real as we have already seen videos. If you are curious about the series you can do the same by visiting their official website with streaming videos.

A-La-Mode Strikes A Cord

Splurging on the ticket price depending on the artists expected is not unlikely.

One thing with London’s festivals is that they range from the most affordable to the most expensive fun one can ever spend on. For the festivities, one will likely be on the budget side most of the time. Splurging on the ticket price depending on the artists expected is not unlikely.

Setting The 2018 Stage

In 2018, London bustles with festivities that are easy on the budget, some free. Booked in the calendar of music and art festivals, they ring in the melodic beats that gyrate into dance steps. Then, one can grab his cozy wares as the art festivals grace most local venues in London.

Hampton Court Palace Festival

Catering widely to pop fans, the night of music is set in one of the most stunning venues- Hampton Court.

It presents an array of treasured artists across multiple genres. One sophisticated festival who debuted in 1993, wows fans yearly in June. Playing two nights each, this year, Gary Barlow and the Beach Boy.

Similarly performing on separate nights, Jools Holland and Joe Bonamassa heat this summer’s center stage. Tickets sell at £49 to £149. Shows begin at 4:00 PM June 12. Final Performance is in June 2018.


A third exhibition under the auspices of Lon Art, it features unknown women, and unsung women stars, and artists who use their creative pursuits to give voice to women who were overlooked sheroes (heroines) through the years.

Dubbed as sheroes, it aims to empower women become role models as well.

The UK and international artists, share the event with feminists group, the general public, families, charity and organizations. Expect an array of 20 artists in various visual and performance art media on March 8, at 7 PM at 49 Tanner Street Ugly Duck London.

House Of Common

A ska-music (Jamaican inspired music characterized by accented bass lines, that complements into an offbeat rhythm), is another choice if one us not considering Notting hill Carnival this year.

Held in the south west of London (Clapham Common) it presents as a traditional music and dancehall reggae held whole day through. By-lined by hip-hop legends David Roddingan and De La Soul in 2017, this year artists line up is upcoming. At 37.50, it stages on August 26 this year.

Oxford Storytelling Festival

Top-billed by famous storytellers, musicians, and entertainers, the festival aims to create an evening of spoken words, stories, songs and poetry spiced with music and entertainment.

Visitors are free to bring camping gears and avail of complimentary parking. Haggerty, Emily Hennessy, Chris Salisbury, Katy Cawkwell, await attendees with their stories. Consider being in a Georgian house with fireside stories unto the night and a collection of songs from musicians repertoire over the years.

Enchanted Horsham

Thinking of unicorns, mythical tales and dragons and the visitor’s kids in to? Fancy them via the festival’s Illuminated Secret Garden. It will surely spice a family’s summer.

It adds more fun when live music and street theatre entertainment comes in full swing. A free admission to kids under 16, this summer feat awaits on July 27 and 29, 2018. The venue is Horsham Park, Horsham London.

Visiting London this year promises things to experience, hear and bask on. One doesn’t really need to go high strung with the budget when offbeat can be a choice.